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PhD in Sciences of Language and Communication

Duration of the PhD program: three years

Head: Prof. Tullio TELMON

The focus of the PhD in Sciences of Language and Communication is directed to give priority to the multiplicity and multi-modality of communication. This means that, also taking account of research projects that will mark the routes of individual students, will be numerous opportunities to meet on issues of communication, linguistic, or related to different methods and aims of communication. The research projects, above all based on different approches, linguistic-empirical, computer, sociological, sociolinguistic or semiotic-linguistic, are continuously compared with other disciplinary methods to understanding the complexity. Thanks to the structure of the PhD, particular attention will be devoted to linguistic approaches to the curriculum of the students of communication and, reciprocally, communication disciplines for students of linguistic curriculum. To achieve these goals, great importance is attributed to cycles of interdisciplinary seminars.
At the end of training we expect to have dialectologists, socio-linguists and experts in communication, able to conduct empirical research and to process the results through a solid technical background and methodology acquired
The aim of the PhD is to promote an interdisciplinary and applied research in linguistics and communication, and the analysis and design of products and services in the field of innovative business communications.

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